Who are the Young Lawyers’ Committee?

The Young Lawyers’ Committee is run by a committee of the Wellington Branch of the New Zealand Law Society.

If you you want to know more us, please contact us at younglawyers@gmail.com.

If you’re a practising lawyer, log into my.lawsociety to check out what the Wellington Branch is up to.

The first key function of the YLC is to hold events to promote socialising and networking among the young lawyers of Wellington. We have a great Events Calendar lined up for 2015, with all the old favourites as well as some new additions. Check out the Events Page for more info.

As well as our social events, in 2015 we will also be holding a series of info evenings covering financial, recruitment, career, study and other advice that young lawyers will need to know as they launch into their careers, and opening young lawyers’ eyes to the awesome opportunities their law degree can bring them.

The second key function of the YLC is to make sure the voices of young lawyers are heard at the Wellington Branch. If you have something to say, this group is your vehicle to get that message across to the Law Society. If you have anything you’d like to talk about, email us in confidence at younglawyers@gmail.com

Am I a “Young Lawyer”?

A “young lawyer” is technically someone who has been admitted to the bar in the last five years.  Young Lawyers account for approximately one quarter of all lawyers holding current practising certificates in Wellington.

However, we know that being admitted to the bar isn’t all there is to a career in the legal profession and that lots of law grads don’t get admitted to the bar, at least not straight away.  So we are happy to extend the invitations for our events to all law grads who graduated in the last five years regardless of what they do and where they are working.

And, because we recognise that sometimes you just need to hang out with a more diverse crowd, we welcome your non-law friends and relations to the events we hold – we are proud to always have a great turnout at our events of accountants, doctors, bankers, engineers and other young professsionals.

And finally, some of our events (like the Quiz) are open to all lawyers, the young and the… more experienced.

We hope that our events will provide you with opportunities to meet those from different walks of the legal profession, and the other professions of Wellington, and to make lasting connections with these people.

We need you!

If you wish to join the Young Lawyers’ Committee – and be added to the mailing list – don’t forget to sign up on this site. While you’re at it you should also go and “like” the YLC Facebook page.

The success of the Young Lawyers’ Committee depends on sponsorship and your support. So, naturally, we are interested in your thoughts. Email younglawyers@gmail.com to let us know what you events/info sessions young lawyers want and need – and anything else you can think of.