There are several ways you can contact us.

The best way is to drop us an email at This is your main port of call if you have any feedback, queries or comments for YLC, concerns about anything relating to the legal profession, or anything you wish the YLC to raise on your behalf to the New Zealand Law Society.

You can also contact the convenor, Rebecca Garden, directly on

We welcome any comments you may have on the work of the YLC: our events, the magazine, the Facebook site, our sponsors. The YLC is run by and on behalf of Wellington young lawyers, so we’re always keen to hear how we can better serve the needs and wants of that community.

Also, please stop by the Facebook site and leave any feedback or comments there for us.

If you have anything you’d like to contribute to the YLC Advocate, or simply general feedback on the newsletter, you can contact the editors, Emma Bowman and Emily Bolton.

You can also contact our parent organisation, the Wellington Branch of the New Zealand Law Society through their website.