Bridget Sinclair - Convenor

As Convenor, I am responsible for leading the Young Lawyers' Committee and setting its strategic direction. I am accountable to the Wellington Branch Council of the New Zealand Law Society for ensuring that the YLC’s programmes and activities are executed effectively. My role as Convenor is to hold a high-level understanding of all YLC activities going on at a given time, including finances and I’m always in regular contact with the YLC executive committee. I also chair YLC’s monthly meetings.
I am a solicitor at Buddle Findlay in the employment and health team. I graduated from Victoria University with a Law and Arts degree, majoring in Political Science. My hobbies include reading, tennis, listening to crime podcasts and, of course, coffee.
I am passionate about the legal profession changing in light of the systemic cultural issues discussed in 2018. I believe young lawyers have a real opportunity to be a part of that change. If you would like to join the Committee or discuss engaging with YLC in any way, please email me at
Claire Wills – Deputy Convenor
As Deputy Convenor my main role is to support Bridget as the Convenor and assist with the administrative side of the YLC.  I generally work in the background with a focus on the internal running of the committee.  My hopes for the YLC are that it will continue to be a passionate and representative voice for young lawyers.  We have the opportunity this year to work to address cultural issues in the legal professional that particularly affect young lawyers and I am excited about what we will achieve.  I am a solicitor at DLA Piper in the RMA and Local Government team. I graduated from Vic with a Law and Arts degree, majoring in Political Science.  Like Bridget, I have a passion for crime podcasts, and love any excuse for a coffee, so feel free to email me if you would like to chat about the YLC (or discuss the most recent crime series!) (   

Rebecca Waugh - Treasurer
As Treasurer of the YLC, I am responsible for overseeing and reporting to the YLC on its financial affairs, approving/querying budgets for YLC activities, preparing the annual budget and ensuring all payments are made. I look forward to creating events this year that support young lawyers’ transition in to and participation in the legal profession, with a particular focus on mental and physical wellbeing. Outside of the YLC I am a solicitor at MinterEllisonRuddWatts in the corporate and commercial team and am training to teach dance based fitness classes at Les Mills. You can contact me at or 04 498 5049.


Antonia Leggat – Secretary
My role as Secretary involves overseeing YLC’s administration, including organising meetings and taking the minutes. Born and bred in Wellington, I have always seen the YLC as an important part of the city’s legal culture. I am looking forward to helping find ways to support and educate young lawyers, as well as planning some memorable social events. Outside of the YLC, I am a solicitor at MinterEllisonRuddWatts.



Elle Scurr – Communications Officer
As communications officer, I am responsible for the YLC email accounts and the YLC Facebook page as well as the YLC website.  This includes the creation and promotion of events such as the Welcome Back Drinks, annual quiz and the Young Professionals Ball.  This year, one of YLC's goals is to increase its presence in the Wellington legal community and work to ensure the voices of all young lawyers are heard.   As part of this, the YLC plans to build its online platform and become a go-to resource for young lawyers . I am a excited about working with the committee this year to achieve these goals.  I am a solicitor at Bell Gully in the corporate team.  
Dino Bohinc  – Advocate and Marketing
I have extensive experience in the administration and editing of blogs and journals and has taken on the role of revitalising the Advocate magazine in a new, modern and dynamic online portal.  The role will entail overseeing quarterly academic pieces as well as on-going articles of interest and controversy. I am also the Regional Coordinator for the Wellington Regional Competition of the New Zealand Law Foundation National Young Lawyers' Mooting ompetition, which is held in May to August this year.
Hailing from Croatia and growing up in Auckland, I completed my LLB at the University of Auckland in 2016 and moved on to further study at The Hague Academy of International Law in the Netherlands in both Public and Private International Law.  I joined the Committee in 2018.
Emily Lay – Bridging the Gap
The Bridging the Gap mentoring programme aims to help prepare a student for entry into the profession by pairing them with a young lawyer and to ‘bridge the gap’ between study and working life. Sponsored by IPLS, the programme is now in its seventh year, and we work closely with VUWLSS throughout the year. Over the last two years, we have co-ordinated a Workplace Tours initiative, which focuses on offering students an insight to the range of legal roles outside of the oft-advertised career paths at national firms, including government departments, barristers’ chambers and in-house roles. Feel free to get in touch with us at, or directly with me at
Dino Bohinc and Christina Laing - Competitions Officers
Dino hails from Croatia and grew up in Auckland. He completed his LLB at the University of Auckland in 2016 and moved on to further study at The Hague Academy of International Law in the Netherlands. He joined the Bar in August 2017 and spent 9 months as a trade marks clerk in a boutique law firm in Wellington. He formally joined the YLC in 2018 and coordinated the 2018 Wellington Regional Mooting Competition and additionally took on the YLC Marketing Officer role. He is currently a Trade Mark Examiner for the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand.


Christina completed her LLB(Hons) degree at the University of Auckland in 2018 and is now a Judges' Clerk at the Wellington High Court. She is admitted to the Bar. In addition to her role as a clerk, she teaches Legal Research, Writing and Mooting at Victoria University of Wellington (and taught the equivalent paper at the University of Auckland in 2017). She joined the YLC in 2018 as a way to meet other young lawyers in the profession and to get involved in promoting collegiality amongst her peers.
Dino and Christina are looking forward to tapping into their combined experiences to make 2019's regional competitions the best yet.


Isabella Gorringe - Sponsorship Officer
Having moved to Wellington from the South Island a two years ago, I joined the YLC as a way to get to know and be involved with more young lawyers in the profession.  Last year I was fortunate enough to take over YLC’s Sponsorship Executive role and am continuing this role for 2019.   I am looking forward to working with our sponsors to achieve their goals while assisting other young lawyers in getting the most out of their time at the start of their career.

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